Body painting a unqiue activity to end my life drawing sessions. Rather than drawing an image of me on white paper, the group paints me! Body painting has become a partner to the life drawing.


Groups get to use me as their creative canvass to create doodles or whatever takes your fancy.

Hands & fingers are the implements used to paint me. I recommend painting something that means something to the bride to be or birthday girl.

I have an extensive selection of paints use, and all are a recognised brand of paint. These are water based and mean there will be no allergy issues to worry about.

body painting design


Body painting is a creative and expressive way to end to a session. It also require a lot less concentration, and will add a lot of colour to your set of photos. The body painting is y popular with grandmothers and some older ladies! Many ladies have said they find that it’s really cathartic and relaxing. They usually make sure that every inch of my skin is covered.

To incorporate this activity, the venue would ideally should have a shower for me to use at the end. If that’s not an option, if necessary I do  have waterless body wash available to wash off the paint without the need of  a shower.

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  1. Hi,
    Are you available on the 1st August ?I am organising my friends hen do in Brighton and think she would love this!

    1. Hi Rebecca. I am available because I had a cancellation this week as it happens. I’ll email you now.

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