A divorce party is when a group of people come together to celebrate the end of a marriage or civil union – these parties involve either one or both members of the divorcing couple. These parties have become increasingly popular down the years and invert many of the tropes from stag and hen parties, including cakes, cards and a night out.

Divorce Party Ideas

As a result, we’ve compiled a number of divorce party ideas to make sure your party goes with a bang.

Divorce Party Cake

A divorce cake can be fun additional to a party. As well as being tasty treat it also provides friends with the opportunity to inject some comedy into the proceedings by adding funny messages onto the cake, such as ‘I do, I did, I’m done!’

Divorce Party Games

Divorce party games can be a great way to close that all an important chapter. Some games take more time to prepare than others:

Ex Heart Pinata: Fill your piñata full of goodies, put a picture of your ex on the face and whack away!
Ex Bonfire: Not really a game, but no less fun, and what better way to help you move on? Remember to bring some hot chocolate and marshmallows when burning your teddy bears, clothes and letters.
Ex Voodoo Doll: Ever wondered whether voodoo dolls actually work? Who better to test it out on than your ex?
Pin the tail on the Ex: Take a blown-up photo of your ex, make a donkey tail, including the butt, have your friends put on the blindfold and try to pin the tail on the face of your ex. The one who pin’s the tail the closest to your ex’s mouth wins.
Kick the can: Really simple this one. Get a can, put a picture of your ex on it, then kick it… hard.

Divorce Party Accessories

Make sure your party goes off in style with a host of divorce party accessories, including sashes, badges, banners and inflatables.

If you’re planning your divorce party remember to add some arty fun into your proceedings with a hen party life drawing class.

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