Classic drawing

A girls night can be as much fun as a girls night out. Getting dressed up to hit the dance floor on a Friday and Saturday night can be a great way to spend the weekend. A creative group activity with a naked man posing in your living room can be can be even more fun.

The majority of my activities are for hen parties or birthdays. I do however get bookings from ladies who simply want to do something different and creative for a night in.

These are creative laid back events. The have none of the pressures of getting diverse groups that you would have with a hen party.

Girls Night In Ideas

The life drawing itself would be similar for both hen parties and girls’ night in, but with less focus on one particular person (the Bride to Be) in the group.

Why not combine having the life drawing activity with getting a chef in to cook a nice meal for you? You can be entertained by the life drawing, while someone else is busy in the kitchen preparing the gourmet or comfort meal – and you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Girls Night In Games

It depends how energetic you want to be in terms of games. The classic ‘Never have I ever’ drinking game is as relevant to a ladies’ night in as it is for hen parties. They involves drinking and revealing naughty things about your past!

You could also watch a classic film for the 80s or 90s that you all enjoy. Dress up like the characters from the films and try to remember all the classic lines. I have a couple of fancy dress outfits myself. I could perhaps kick off the evening by showing up in one – and taking taking it off!


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