Hen Party Games are a great way of injecting some extra fun into your hen night. Check out our hen do games below and make sure your party is a party everyone will enjoy and remember!

Classy Hen Party Games

There are popular hen party games which are classy. In one game, all the hens write two things they like and two things they dislike on pieces of paper. They are all put in a bowl and the Bride to be has to guess who wrote which one.

Never have I ever..

‘Never have I ever…’ is a game that’s on the risque side of the spectrum.
So if you don’t know, it goes like this..
Everyone sits and a member of the groups says a fact ‘Never have I ever…’ (..had sex in a public place for example).
Anyone who has done that statement has to stand and downs their drink. until another person comes with a statement, and so forth.

Hen Party Drinking Games

Alcohol is a part of most number of hen party games. The ‘Pin the Tail’ or accurately ‘Pin the Willy’ game is a popular game involving a blindfold.
You can have a list of forbidden terms for the weekend. If anybody utters any of these words, they have to finish their drink.

Truth or Dare Hen Party Game

This is the most popular game. I would draft a number of cards with eith a truth or a dare writte on them. The dares can be as mild or wild as you think is suitable for the group. If a member of the group is unwilling to do the dare, they can nominate someone to do to instead. I will work with the organiser in advance of the hen party to get appropriate Truths and Dares (and I can show then what has perviously been used as inspiration and ideas).

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