A ‘Last Night of Freedom’ is the traditional term for the last chance to get wild (the Hen or Stag Do) before a wedding.

Some groups go for it and take the ‘last night of freedom’ literally. Most hens and stags however embrace it in spirit only.




There aren’t many situations where it’s acceptable to carry blow-up dolls around with you! The last night of freedom is the exception to that rule. Hen parties are an chance to veer away from the norms of every day life.

I’m still surprised at times at the things young women say to each other and often to their mothers and mothers in law! Maybe that’s a subtler way of letting their hair down. I would never ever say anything about sexual activity with my parents present – on a stag party or otherwise! (P.S. My Dad wouldn’t be allowed on my Stag to start with!)

In the past, once people get married their lives did change very quickly. Pressures to settle down and aside ‘childish things’ would have been common. Nowadays, most couple carry on with their lives as they did before their nuptials, so no need to have a massive blow out. A hen night is just fun that’s a little cheekier than a normal night out!

Last Night of Freedom

butler in the buff Sherwood
This will be the last time you (The Bride) will see another penis for a long time.
Mother of the Bride
This is the first time I've seen a penis in a very long time.
Bride to Be's Auntie

Studying and drawing a naked man in a creative way

..and  suitable for all ages!

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