A Hen Party is held for women about to get married. It’s follows the male tradition of celebration before ‘tying the knot’. The party is often organised by the maid of honour and is ‘usually’ a women only event.


There are many different types of Hen Dos and Hen Parties. Some friends like to have a Hen Weekend to relax at a Spa to relax. Others like to go abroad and enjoy a holiday. Some women like to use the hen as their ‘last night of freedom’ before leaving the life of singledom.

However way it’s spent, hen parties are a wonderful way for friends to come and celebrate their friend’s marriage. It also gives them an excuse to let their hair down!


Life Drawing has become a popular activity for hen parties over the last few years.  It’s a respectable and classy way of having fun whilst enjoying the sight of a naked man for a couple of hours. The Bride to Be will probably not see another naked man for a while, so it’s a chance to savour the moment!


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