Best Compliment Ever

Best Compliment Ever

I received the best compliment ever after a hen party in Chelmsford a week ago!

The hen party was held at the A Canteen next to the river at the end of the afternoon. I was on a tight schedule as I had to get to South Kensington for another hen do late evening.

Quite A Reserved Group

The hen party organiser had told me that the Bride to Be was rather reserved and that membes of the group were not drinking alcohol. I think the organiser secretly wished for a wilder hen do but it made no difference to me. My only goal is to make sure that everyone steps away having enjoyed themselves. Second to that is the hope that I receive good feedback afterwards.

The Bride to Be wasn’t the most outgoing hen that I’ve come across, but I was getting the sense that she was enjoying herself in the session. I had a conversation with her during a wee and drink break and she was the nicest sweetest person. She asked me all kinds of questions about my work and life drawing. These were certainly not the usual obseverations and questions which I get from Hen Party groups!

As we returned to the activities she remained (what I then realised was) thoughtful. She was then  volunteered to Pose with Bride to Bepose with me.  The designated pose was a little intimate but she remained relaxed and comfortable.

I bid them farewell and my mind was by then focused on the next group in central London. That was a wonderful hen party but I’ll cover that in a seperate feature.

Hen Party Reviews

I usually contact groups directly a few days after a session, but on this ocassion, I hadn’t contacted the organiser of the Chelmsford group but then I saw this review that the organiser Pauline had left on the independant review site..

Chelmsford Hen Party

Over a year ago, I was booked to run a life drawing session for a hen party in Hereford. I met the organiser and she said that she had attended one of my life drawing session a few years earlier. She added that she has had been attending life drawing classes ever since!

Hearing that she had continued drawing was the best review that I had received – until Pauline’s words last week!

..the Bride to Be enjoyed it so much that she has even signed up to a life drawing evening class!!!

Knowing that I have inspired someone to learn an artistic craft is wonderful to hear!

If you’re interested in booking me or would like to learn more about my services, please get in touch. Hen Party Life Drawing.

To read more reviews go to the Reviews page or independant reviews website Trustspot


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