Booking a life drawing hen party venue
Beautiful village hall near Cirencester

Booking a life drawing hen party venue

The best venues to book for life drawing

Although I don’t really offer a venue as part of my life drawing sessions, I do get a few enquiries who are looking to book a venue before they can confirm my services.  It can be an expensive addition to an activity, so there are a few things I’ve seen that  helps reduce costs over the past few years when the groups don’t have the luxury of a house in the country for the weekend.

Blow up willies awaiting the hens

When I first started working for another hen party life drawing provider quite a few years ago, the arrangement was that the company would book a hotel meeting room. It usually had the convenience of being city centre so close to everything. However, the activity only lasted an hour as it was £30/£40 per hour for the meeting rooms. That to me if far too short. The other disadvantage was that the rooms were bare apart from formal chairs – which made it all very impersonal..and a little wrong somehow.

There have been some groups that have done it differently, which I’m pleased to share.

I’ve been to some venues at pubs and restaurant where they have a private dining or hire rooms. Although not ideal for me as I prefer to shower at the end of the body painting, if the group negotiate that they will be eating later on, or convince the managers that they will be drinking a lot, they may well get the room at no charge or minimal charge.

Village or community halls also offer nice spaces and on the whole really cheap.  They’re not fancy most of the time, but serve a purpose.

Cirencester hen party life drawing
Beautiful village hall near Cirencester

If you’re in a town that I have particular experience of running an event, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

If you are staying in a big house with a decent sized living room, that’s the best possible venue for my events..but it doesn’t have to be the only option.

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