Busy month

Busy month

Busiest month I’ve had

April has turned out to be the busiest month that I’ve had!

I’ve got two or three hen party bookings every weekend this month – which means a lot of travel, but also an opportunity to meet lots of very friendly ladies along the way.

I had two events last weekend – one in Bristol and one in Bath…and both very different.

In the Bath event on Friday, it was the start of the long weekend and there was a lot of energy and quite a big group as well. The hen party on Saturday was more reserved but in a nice way – smaller and a little quieter, with more focus on the drawing.

On my way to Reading this Friday evening, and that’s looking like a bit of a rowdy one. Saying that, the on

Very nice drawing
Very nice drawing

es I think are going to be rowdy are never the ones that are… I try to do my homework in advance, sussing out what the group is like so that I can pitch it correctly, but ultimately I always judge it on the day to make sure I get it right.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

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