Busy Months of Hen Parties

Busy Months of Hen Parties

August Battery Re-Charge

The end of July was the end of a very busy six months of hen parties. August is often quiet as people are off on holiday so a chance to recharge the batteries. During the month I’ve already had bookings in the diary for  September in Richmond, Basingstoke and Chelmsford.  I’m looking forward tremenously to those because of the really lovely hen party organisers in charge of booking me.

Life drawing is very much a classical artistic exercise. It’s been around since the 13th or 14th century and how the best artists of the world learn their trade and skills. Strippers, such as The Dream Boys, are most closely associated

Michel Angelo painting
Michelangelo classic life drawing

with hen parties. In the last few years however, life drawing (drawing the naked body) had become a classy alternative to the aformentioned activity.

In the middle of July I had been booked for two hen parties. The first was in very rural Shropshire. The second was in a private room in a Pub almost in the centre of Hereford. I’d run another hen party in that area of Shropshire a few years ago and well aware how difficult some of the places can be to reach. My last visit to a hen party in the village of Clun was in a treacherous storm in November 2016. This time however, we were still in the sweaty embrace of the heatwave. The unfathomably narrow country lanes were still there though!

Disappointment after finding the venue

The relief of finding the venue on time didn’t last long. The organiser came out visibly stressed looking. Minutes before I arrived they had revealed to the Mother of the Bride that the activity would be life drawing. She had instantly said that she didn’t want it. The organisers therefore came out to tell me that the activity was cancelled. Despite receiving the payment, I was disappointed on their behalf. The awkward thing about it all was that the Mother of the Bride was actually an artist and probably would have spent a lot of her time life drawing. The moral of the story is: if you’re organising a hen do, keep Mothers and Mothers in Law on side while organising.

It was onwards and upwards for me after the stumbling block. I had another hen party in Hereford at the end of the afternoon. A group of work colleagues had organised the hen do for the beautiful Holly. Luckily this time, neither she or the rest of lovely ladies cancelled the activity and everyone had a great time!

I’ll be on the road to a number of hen dos in the south east in September but I have some availability left during the month. If you’re looking for a fun and artistic hen do activity this autumn, get in touch.

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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