Crash! Bang! Wallop! ..Spring

A Spring to forget?

We are all going to remember this lockdown for a very long time- and going through a rough time. Unfortunately, apart from not being able to leave the house, socialise and generally live a life, there will not be a lot to remember.

We have another few weeks of this, so it’s important that you stay in, stay safe – and protect the NHS.

This would usually be the start of hen party season, but as we know, many plans have had to change. Hen party organisers will have to look at booking venues and activities in the next few months.

My bookings did start at the end of February. We were still able to travel and socialise back then – which feels like a million years ago now.

The first two bookings posed some different problems for me.

Norfolk Hen Party

Booking #1 the farthest I’ve travelled for a hen party in a while. It was in Norfolk, about 45 minutes east of Norwich.

This would a have been five hour journey for me at the best of times. Unfortunately, there were road works across from the east Midlands and then I started getting car troubles. This got worse when I got to Norwich and the car wouldn’t move in the middle of a roundabout. I had to push it to the side as cars wanted to go around. I somehow managed to push it with loads of horns beeping,  and called the RAC. Luckily, the RAC arrived really quickly and looked that the car. There was something faulty with the are system which the engine would turn itself off when it overheated.

I was able to carry on, but I needed to stop every now and then to let air into the engine.

I updated the organiser as to what was happening and I proceeded to get to the venue, albeit one and a half hours late.

It was once again a lovely venue, with a warm, friendly and accommodating group of ladies. 

words of review

The activity was a little shorter than usual as they had a chef coming to cater for them. I left out the bodypainting because of the extra time involved, but they did however have a lot of fun. The mother of the Bride was particularly enamored by my tackle!

As I had to stop frequently on my way home to cool the engine, the return leg of the journey took six and a half hours – and I wasn’t back home until 12:30am.

Dartmouth Hen Party

The second hen party was the following weekend in a town called Kingswear near Dartmouth. It was a lot closer for me to get to, and I had fixed the car during the week.

It was a fascinating town  on the hillside above a tiny little harbour and a ferry crossing.

The problem for me however started when I followed the SatNav to the property where the group were staying. I was taken on a narrow road, which slowly became narrower and narrower again. I have a big wide car but I thought it would be fine. However, when I got to the point where both wing mirrors got caught on the stone walls on either side of the road, I started to panic.

I had gone as far as I could on that narrow road, so I tried to reverse. The plastic around the wing mirrors flew off as I started doing this. I had to fold the mirrors in and slowly reverse  to a point where I could open the doors and get out of the car to retrieve the wing mirror plastic protectors..

After doing this, I still had to reverse a good hundred yards along this curving narrow path. I never realised how bad a reverse driver I was until being placed in this situation!

I then heard a bang and realised I’d scraped the driver rear lights and bumper along  the stone wall as I was trying to navigate my way back.

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My heart was racing at this point and the stress was close to how I felt being stuck on the rounabout in Norfolk the previous weekend.

I eventually made my way out and decided to bark in the harbour/marina area and found the venue on foot with my bag case of drawing material.

Later than planned, I found the venue and spent about three hours entertaining the group who were from the Midlands and London.

I had a chance to speak for a while with the Bride to Be who was really enjoying herself. I found out that we’d gone to the same University, which really helped things.

I late them late in the evening and returned home. I’ve still not fixed the backlight, but it’s still working..and to be honest, there is no need to fix at the moment (and no working mechanics either because of the lockdown).

3rd Hen Party postponed

The third booking I had for the end of March had to be postponed, with no date in place at the moment.

My next booking is scheduled for the end of May. I do hope that the situation will have improved by then and restrictions eased, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you would like to book me for a hen party or birthday party in the next few months, please get in touch. I have special offers available if you book now (even if you’ve no fixed date at the moment).

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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