Creative, Fun and Stress Relief

Creative, Fun and Stress Relief

Life Drawing and Mindfulness

Whilst modelling and tutoring my life drawing sessions to hen parties, I often talk about why I enjoy drawing.


Most of us have very busy lives and often stressful jobs. When I first started going to life drawing classes, I came to appreciate its value in terms of stress relief. Stepping away from the daily grind and focusing on something completely different was mentally good for me. I’ve since realised that this sense of concentration on the art of drawing was my form of mindfulness. I’m on the other side of the easel as the model most of the time these days, but I try and draw as often as I can.

If you don’t already know, mindfulness is a mental state of being present and aware of what is taking place in the moment. This presence of mind can evoke an appreciation for simply being alive.

I’m hearing you think ‘what this has to do with hen parties?’! I’ll try to address that question..

Rollercoaster ride

Anyone who’s been part of a gathering such as a hen party will know that they can sometimes be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride.

When groups book me to deliver my life drawing and body painting activity, there are some features which I consistently see during the sessions. At the beginning, I see a lot of nervous excitement which is partly because of the fact that there will be a naked man in their company, but it’s more than that. Alcohol and strong personalities also play their part! Whatever factors cause this sense of electricity and nervous excitement very quickly disappear in my life drawing sessions.

intently drawing

At the beginning, hens will often be focal in the fact that they cannot draw. Later on however, I usually see a very calming sense of quietness descent on the groups. This will be the point when mindfulness has come to play. Banter is replaced by concentration! The groups will have (almost) forgotten a naked man is sitting, laying or standing in front of them. They will have forgotten that thereĀ  is a schedule of things to do with unfamiliar company during the day. They will now be concentrating on how to draw a hand – or getting the willy to look right!

Life drawing during a hectic hen party can provide individuals with a couple hours to enjoy their own space and be in a chilled out place. It’s almost an escape from the surroundings for a short period.

Recently I came across a book that supports what I’ve been thinking and what I’ve obseved over the years:

Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing: A Creative Path to Awareness

I don’t want you to think that my sessions are a completely serene and yoga style experience! I try to ensure that the two hours the groups spend with me are lively, cheeky and as raucous as the girls want it to be.

Get in touch if you’d like a fun, relaxing and mindful arty hen party activity.

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