Experience of Life Drawing for Hen Parties

Experience of Life Drawing for Hen Parties

I’ve now been running life drawing classes for hen parties for three years. I enjoy them more now than I did at the beginning when I was just a model and there was  another tutor running the events. I’ve made a list of observations I’ve had of this time which I’ve catchily called ‘My Top Ten Hen Party Drawing with Nude Man Observations’.

10. How most people can draw once they relax
9. Having had a few drinks is good for enjoying the event, but too many is not conductive to a creative session!
8. Don’t assume anything about the groups on first impressions. The apparently quietest most conservative group may not be what you expect..
7. I think the Hen Parties enjoy the sessions more when I’m tutor and model as there is more interaction and fun. When there is another tutor, the classes are a lot more serious.
6. Body painting is beginning to become very popular as a light hearted finish to the event.
5. If the venue is difficult to find, it’s usually an amazing house.
4. People find drawing with charcoal easier that if there’s lots of colours to choose from.
3. People don’t blink an eyelid at nudity after drawing the figure for a while.
2. Tutoring and modelling for the duo poses and drawing a body part activies never get boring.
1. You get value for money for life drawing and everyone seem to enjoy.

Drawing a reclining pose

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