First Hen Party 2015

First Hen Party 2015

First hen party of 2015

I cannot wait until my first hen party life drawing & bodypainting session of 2015 this Saturday.
It’s in London this time, so Boris can you ensure a good clear road with no traffic (preferably a police escort) for me to get through the city to Aldgate East in the morning? If you do, I promise to hire a Boris bike for this year’s World Naked Bike Ride.

I’m still trying to gauge what the group will be like on the day. It sounds like they’ll be loud and a lot of fun – which is perfect for me. I don’t really like wallflowers as it’s hard to see whether they’re enjoying themselves or not.
The organiser was very pleased that I was able to make it as she made the schoolboy (girl) error of leaving arrangements for the hen party until the last moment.
Another lady on the other hand, booked me for April. So when I said to her that I’d speak to her again over the coming months prior to the event, she promptly brought my attention to the fact that it was for 2016! Super organised lady..

Last weekend was a strange one for bookings. Usually from all enquiries, roughly 40%-50% go on to book (higher than than for the previous weekend). However, out of five positive enquiries on Saturday and Sunday, it doesn’t appear that ANY of them have converted into actual bookings.. how disappointing. Hopefully that will change this week!
Hope you’re having a good week so far.


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