5 Reasons to Choose Arty Hen Party

5 Reasons to Choose Arty Hen Party

There’s a few life drawing suppliers tailored for hen parties in the UK.  Even though it remains quite an unusual hen party activity, life drawing is a perfect activity for many groups. What should you look for when you make that decision? I’ve created the infographic below to show 5 reasons why you should choose Arty Hen Party as your supplier.

Choosing my services in a nutshell

Henlifemodel top 5It was difficult to summarising why you should choose my services in just five simple point, but it was a good discipline to do it.

The five I’ve chosen are not in any particular order or preference. I think they are all factors that I would expect if I was a hen party organiser.

If you read some of my earlier blogs, you’ll see examples that I’ve heard of questionable practice from some hen party life drawing companies.

Some of them offer no tutoring at all and the model is basically static and motionless for an hour. I want my groups to learn something if they choose me, and that’s one element quite a few life models are not equipped to do.

When I first started being a life model for another hen party supplier quite a few years ago, the events were in hotel meeting rooms. The only lasted for an hour. Since those days, I’ve made the effort to go to where the groups are staying. These are usually in rented properties in the country. The variety of activities also means that my classes are at least two hours in duration.


Communication is the cornerstone of this work. Communicating with groups who are a little uncertain of what to expect, and then reassuring them, is important to me. The ability to hold their attention for two hours is also crucial! These are the elements that make me tick.


Price is obviously at the top of the importance list for most. I’m probably not the cheapest company, but I’m not the most expensive. A traditional life drawing class will cost roughly ten pounds for two hours, but you have to supply your own material, and you have to go to a specific venue. I’m more expensive than that as I have to factor all drawing materials, body paints and travel costs as part of the price. You are however, guaranteed a memorable and unforgettable experience if you choose Arty Hen Party.

Get in touch for a quote or if you have questions.

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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