Good feedback, life drawing, waiter and paints!

Good feedback, life drawing, waiter and paints!

Life drawing outside in the sunshine on the grounds of a beautiful house in Herefordshire

Goodfeedback, life drawing, nude waiter and bodypaints!

I was about to leave to run the hen party life drawing near Hereford, when I received an email from a client who I’d done a life drawing session for a hen party in Gloucestershire the previous weekend. I had a lovely testimonial from the organiser:

Our life drawing session with Gujon was hilarious – a perfect activity for a memorable and unique hen do. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Gujon’s got a great personality as well as balls! We had a fab time.
That review really did set me up for this really beautiful sunny day.
Driving to Hereford was a pleasure on a day like that, and to arrive at a beautiful big house with huge lawn was a plus.

Big group of ladies in Herefordshire

There was a big group of ladies (26 in all) and because of the warmth, we did the life drawing outside. To do the whole session outside was a first for me. Hopefully I’ll do many more outside during the course of the coming months. The photographs look amazing in the natural sunlight.
After about ninety minutes, we moved into the conservatory where I got dressed to be a fully nude waiter…with collar and bow-tie only. I served some bubbles and one of the ladies was also celebrating her birthday so I brought out the cake with candles. It was a nice surprise for her.
After that we started on some body painting. There was another first for me then! Although I’ve body painted a number of ladies, it was the first time someone wanted me to do it at a hen party. What’s more, it was even the Bride to Be that wanted it done.hen party body painting
They requested a hen with an ‘L’ plate to be painted on her back, so I happily obliged. Here was the result that everyone (including the Bride to Be)  liked. It was quite a compliment that she was going to keep the painting and wear a backless dress that evening!  By the way, I asked her permission to put the photo on my website.
After that a group of the girls painted me, and a one or two of them said that they really were getting into the zone concentration and relaxation while doing it.
 I served them a shot of vodka and grenadine before I bid farewell.
It was a good day.

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