Hen Party Life Models Reputation

Hen Party Life Models Reputation

Reputation and reliability

It’s really been disappointing to hear of a couple of hen parties that have been let down by life models cancelling at the last moment recently. I would have done them if given more notice, but unfortunately I had other commitments.

I’m very aware of how much time people spend organising events to entertain hen parties. I’ve done the same for a stag party. It can be really stressful for a number of reasons. Getting the right activity can be difficult to achieve when you have an array of different types of people of different ages, who may not know each other very well into one group. The logistics of getting everyone together and managing people in itself is very difficult.

Choose Life.

Choosing life drawing is in my opinion an accessible way to be artistic, a bit naughty without the in your face scenario of something like a male stripper. I am certainly not bronzed or oiled up with a pair of thongs ready to be whipped off. Nothing wrong with it, but if that’s what you want there are certainly good places to get them. It’s not me though.

I don’t organise a generic chain nightclub for you attend at the end of the evening either but I have tried to pitch a good reliable and professional service, and when other guys in the same field let people down at the last minute it really annoys me as I don’t want to be tainted with the same brush.

Ok, end of rant. Happy Easter to you All!

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Arty Hen Party

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  1. I totally agree! I am a full time Life Model and when others cancel at the last minute, or even worse just don’t turn up at all, it makes us all look bad. It’s unforgivable and It reflects badly on those of us who always are prompt, reliable and professional.

    1. Hi Helen. Thanks for the comment and glad my rant struck a cord with you. I think some models don’t give it the full respect it deserves because it’s not the best paid job in the world or that it may attract some of the wrong type of people, but being punctual polite
      and frienfly goes a long way and I hate the idea that I (and someone like you) can possibly be grouped with the unreliable ones. Thanks again!

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