Arty Naked Man

Arty Naked Man

It’s been fantastic to see the continuing popularity of life drawing at hen parties across the UK.

I’ve personally been very lucky because I’ve been hired for life drawing at hen parties since the turn of the decade. The groups I’ve met over the years have been incredibly friendly and welcoming to a naked man they don’t know from Adam (pun intended)!

Popularity of life drawing at hen parties

The groups and tone of the events have varied incredibly over the years, but that is something that I’ve come to know and expect. Even though the core activity I offer hasn’t changed massively in the 200 or so events I’ve run, I still get enthused..avoid the word ‘excited’.

I have worried myself recently though when I thought I was sounding like a teacher when I was nude explaining some drawing techniques to a group. I did voice my own concern to the group and was reassured to hear that they didn’t think I actually sound like a teacher!

Out of curiosity, I’ve asked groups about other hen party life drawing sessions that they’ve attended by other providers. I wasn’t too impressed with what I heard from them and the experiences that they’ve had.

A recent group said that a couple of male life models that they’d booked for a birthday had stepped over the line.  He had asked if they could join them in the swimming pool after the event. He filmed some footage for his own website without the group’s consent. They had found it difficult to get the company to pull it down. This is unacceptable and really does a lot of damage to all our reputations.

Static or interactive model?

Other groups have said that all they got for the session was a  man who modelled for an hour offering no tutoring at all.  Even if the model was young and good looking, I imagine most groups would want more for a hen party than just a static model.

I hope that what I’ve heard are the exceptions and hope that companies in general offer a good creative experience for hen parties. The best way of guaranteeing a wonderful activity with a naked man is to book with me (shameless plug)!

So, get in touch!

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