Highs and  lows of 2021

Highs and lows of 2021

2021 has been yet another difficult year for everyone. It’s been a rollercoaster ride on a grand scale with no one really knowing when the ride’s going to come to an end.

The year started with a sombre lockdown which felt worse than the first lockdown in March 2010.The lockdown from January until April was difficult as it was dark and cold with limited opportunity to be outside.

Hen parties usually start bookingtheir activities during this period but because of the uncertainties, the enquiries for my services started off quite slow.

As promises of restrictions being lifted appeared, so did the bookings  for June onwards.

The first booking I had this year was from a lady who booked me twice previously. It was lovely two be booked again by her for a group of her friends in north west London. It was my first proper outing in my new (more economical) car and my first visit to London since before the fist lockdown. It fely really good to be out and about and naked in front of an appreciative group of  ladies again!

The next hen party was a particularly mad one in a big beautiful house in the middle of nowhere between Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. The clues for the type of entetainment they wanted were there before the Friday evening itself. They basically focused on the games and especially the truth or dare. I put together quite a wild selection of dares to test the water, and they liked theBride in the Bathm all. I lay on the dining room table as everyone came in. I realised immediately that everyone was rather well oiled and getting themto draw was going to be a challenge!

Wild party in Herefordshire

had correctly assumed that gettig them to draw wasn’t going to work for too long. They did give it a go for a while but the brain, hand to paper concentration wasn’t there. The Bride to Be wasmore interested in dancing and fondling me, which I enjoyed as she was lovely. The games were a lot of fun and somehow the session lasted around three hours in total. At the end, they tried to pair me off with the only single girl in the group. I got on well with her but the conversation we had was mainly about graphic design rather than anything sexy. i left just before 11pm and got lost along the rural Herefordshire roads as there was no mobile phone signal.

Based on the so-called ‘freedom’ day proposed for July, the bookings came in thick and fast. Unfortunately, this was changed late in the day and a number of hen parties couldn’t take place and I had six email cancellations within a single weekend.

Postponed lifting of restrictions

Fortunately a number of my bookings were able to proceed as they were smaller or/and that they were taking lace outside. This was fine for the time ovf year since the weather in July was good. One of the bookings proposed for that period was postponed from 2020 but because the Bride to Be had to self-isolate a week before the planned hen party, the whole event had to be postponed again. Luckily, on the new date and new venue in Tunbridge Wells, the other booking I had on that day was just have an hour away so I could do the two. It’s unusal that the logistics and geography work in my favour but they did on that day, and I was so appreciative.

Hen party member posing with nude modelThe autumn was quieter than usual but there were enough parties to keep me going. The last party rounded off similarly to how it started. A group I met for the first time about four or five years ago for one of the group members’ hen party, asked me back for a third time – this time of joint birthdays. Most  of the group were still there and the hen in the original party had since been married and now has two young children, and it was now her 30th birthday. It was a lovely way to finish the stop start year.

Contact me

Currently I already have a few bookings in place for next year so if you’re interested booking me, please get in touch as soon as possible.

COVID Policy

If you do book and pay the £30 deposit, if further restrictions are imposed at the time of the proposed that mean that groups are not allowed to travel or larger groups are prohibited from meeting, I will happily postpone the event or refund the deposit.


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