Highs and Lows of the Year : Reflecting 2019

Highs and Lows of the Year : Reflecting 2019

There have been some fantastic hen party moments and events in 2019 but there have been some frustrations as well.

Here are the ups and downs of Arty Hen Party’s Year in Life Drawing.


Another Paris Hen Party

It was an honour to be booked for entertaining a hen party in the beautiful city of Paris for the second consecutive year.
Last year the booking was from a group of ladies from New York, but this time it was from a lovely group from Kent.
I had no sleep on the Friday night and caught the Eurostar at 5am and arrangements went like clockwork.


Amphitheatre outside Bath

In terms of setting, it didn’t get much more perfect than the hen do close to Bath. Luckily the weather just about held long enough to hold the event outside. The perfect part was that there was a mini amphitheatre in the garden area. The ladies sat in the semi-circle elevated while I entertained them in the centre. The only challenge was that there was a fireplace in the centre. Thankfully it wasn’t..chest’nuts’ roasting on an open fire!

real statue of david by michelangelo

Lost on a Stag do

A mankini I was given during a Hen Party in Norfolk a couple of years ago came useful in June.
I was booked for a very small intimate hen do on the outskirts of Snowdonia National Park in the north of Wales. I was out of my usual radius but I had family living close to the venue . I also had another hen party in the midlands the following day so the logistics worked.
The hen party was in a farm house in the middle of the country. There was bo space for me to set up without the Bride seeing me, so I came up with an idea that the Maid of Hour liked!
I was to knock the front door wearing nothing but my mankini. Putting my best acting skills to the test, I walked in saying that I was on my own Stag Party and that I had been dropped in the middle of nowhere in nothing but the makini. I politely asked the group if I could phone a taxi to get me back to the rest of the Stag Party. This worked, and the Bride to Be did actually believe me until I calmly took off the mankini!
The small group were lovely and friendly and I enjoyed their company for the evening.
The only negative was when I drove back to my relatives’ hous after midnight. I was going through the closest town and I was stopped and breathalysed by the Police. They seemed a little bit disappointed that I had zero alcohol in my blood..

north wales hen party

Part of the Marvel Universe

My last hen party of the year was on the south coast in November. It was a long journey for me to get to Worthing but it was worth every mile for this welcoming group of ladies.
Although space was tight for 18 ladies at the Maid of Honour’s house, we still managed to get everyone comfortably into the room.
The two highlights for me were:
Maid of Honour (who looks very much like the beautiful actress Jenna Coleman) and friend posing with me looking beautiful and radiant in their underwear. We made quite the threesome!
Whilst posing in the start position for running a sprint, one of the girls said that I look like a character from the Marvel Universe. For those who are not fans, as she was, characters include Iron Man and Thor from the Avengers films. I did chip in the fact that I can be seen for half a second in the film Captain America: First Avenger (also part of the franchise). I’m not 100% convinced she actually believed me though..


Sulking men in the Midlands


I was invited to a hen party in a beautiful house in Warwickshire. The Maid of Honour wanted it to be as wild as possible, which I was fine with.
I don’t instigate any cheekiness or debauchery but don’t tend to resist it.
It was a large friendly group which included two gentlemen. During the session, I could see the group along with the Bride wanted to let their hair down. Due to something I’d overheard, I had to make it clear that the two men had to keep clear of my genitals.
They didn’t appreciate this, and within minutes they walked out of the room.
It’s really a pity that this happened, as it otherwise was a really fun event.

hold bum
Malware and hacking

From September onwards, enquiries had become eerily quiet. I noticed a gradual decline in visitors to my site as well. It took me until November to realise that my site had been hacked and malware installed (malicious software intent on damaging my website).
The malware had changed how visitors see my site while searching in google. The name of my site was still visible but the description below was in Japanese – trying to sell watches.. There was no wonder no one went any further!

I eventually had the site ‘cleansed’ and is now (thanks to www.fixed.net) back to normal.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a creative and cheeky hen party activity.


Arty Hen Party

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