Hungerford Hen Party

Hungerford Hen Party

Hungerford Hen Party Life Drawing

I’ve held a many life drawing sessions in Berkshire, but never before in the Hungerford area.

I was recently booked for a hen party in a house close to Lambourn, Hungerford.  I could see it was a stunning landscape that was dominated by horses. It later found out that it’s the second largest horse racing centre after Newmarket. There were stables and horse trailers everywhere.

The hen party was staying in a large house surrounded by stables. After a lack of mobile phone signal on my arrival, I met the group and the lovely Bride to Be, Natalie.

The beautiful Natalie was aware of the activity and was swiftly at ease with the idea of drawing a naked man. A large group of 20 ladies means that you get a wide range of people. Often they don’t all know each other, but studying a naked man is a very good icebreaker and creates a lot of giggling.

Questions and Answers!

I always tell groups that they can ask me any questions they want during the session. You can read many of the ones that I’ve been asked on the hen party questions page. This Hungerford group had many questions. Half way through the session, we had a break and I put on my waiter’s collar and cuffs to serve some drinks in the sunshine. That was when the questions came thick and fast!

What’s the most outrageous thing that has happened in one of your hen dos?” asked one lady. That’s a difficult question to answer definitively, as there are lots of small things that have happened over the years. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, my definition of cheeky or outrageous is different from someone’s. In my attempt at answering that question I referred to a hen party which happened to be down the road in Newbury a few years ago. When I was processing the photos from that particular day, I noticed something in that ‘stuck out’ in one of them. One of the girls had literally squeezed a thin piece of charcoal up where the sun doesn’t shine! The worrying thing is that I hadn’t even noticed it wedged in there..

I’m not quite sure how the Hungerford group reacted to hearing my stories. I  hope that they didn’t regret asking!

Hungerford hen party

Life drawing experience

Most hen party members have no life drawing experience. A couple of ladies from the Hungerford group were however quite experienced. One of them paid me the nicest compliment that I could imagine. She said:

I have learnt more about drawing in the last hour and a half that I did in six weeks of attending a traditional life drawing class.

I believe that it’s important to keep the right balance in my sessions. People will improve their drawing if they are taught some techniques in a fun and lighthearted way. That is what I work hard to achieve and when it works it gives me a massive sense of satisfaction.

If you think that activity this will fit the bill for your hen party, please get in touch below.


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