Ladies with natural drawing talent

Ladies with natural drawing talent

A year ago from now I signed up for a term of drawing at life drawing classes at the local college.I attended most sessions up until December and thinking about doing it again this year.

Since I’ve mainly been modelling over the past few years, it took me a good four weeks to get back to a level of drawing that I was at about six years ago.

Satisfaction and frustration

Life drawing is incredibly satisfying, but can be incredibly frustrating as well. Whilst it takes me ages to draw something reasonable,  I’ve seen some talented ladies at my life drawing hen party classes. Most have never been in a class in their lives, but I’ve seen many who are naturals and can come up with lovely drawings in no time at all.

I hope that to some extent, this is as a consequence of the exercises and tips that I give them, but to be honest, I think most of it comes from their own natural talent.

Creative flare

During Easter, I ran an event in Herefordshire and the lady who organised it had attended an hen party event of mine two years earlier.

Hen Life Drawings

On the day she noted that she had been attending life drawing classes ever since. I was delighted that she had carried on with it because she had enjoyed my session so much. To inspire someone to get creative is a lovely thing to do and I feel honoured that I can get invited to help groups of ladies to have fun and creative.

I will continue to model for the lovely hens I meet, but may well let them to do the drawing and hopefully I can continue to inspire them along the way!

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