Life drawing in summer sunshine

I had two hen party bookings yesterday, but I would have happily not had any of them in order to go to the beach and enjoy the most glorious hot day of the year so far.

Cirencester hen party life drawing
Beautiful village hall near Cirencester

I am now really pleased that I was booked, as they were fabulous!

The first was in a village hall near Cirencester. The organiser was bubbly and lovely, and the Bride to Be seemed to really enjoy the session. Her drawings and her mother’s drawings were amazing – obvious artistic talent in the genes. The only disconcerting thing was how one participant didn’t get into it at all – would not draw me. I have since heard that she is very religious, so I have to respect her for that. Luckily it didn’t affect the fun for the rest of them.

The annoying thing I did was that I kept referring to the Bride to Be as the organiser’s name. I don’t know what happened to me – I blame the heat!

Life drawing in Swindon sunshine

The second group just outside of Swindon was a complete joy from start to finish. The house had a big lovely garden and when I arrived it was obvious that the group had been lying out in the sun all day. It was obvious from  the start that they were all really fun, and up for a laugh.

Life drawing Swindon
Garden life drawing with beautiful ladies

Even though they’d already had a few drinks and racking up the melon shots, they did really get into the drawing.

It was nice for me as well – a group of beautiful ladies, some not wearing much more than me. It’s a hard life but I’m willing to carry the burden.

It didn’t take long to have an interlude ¬†from the drawing for an instruction from the chief hen to order everyone to have individual photos of them holding my willy! They were not shy at all, and that’s how it went on from then!

We carried on with the drawing until the concentration waned, and then moved on to the ‘find the stickers’ hen party game. The four who competed were very competitive and very thorough.

We finished off with some bodypainting which added a burst of colour to an already bright and glorious garden. The girls not only painted me but they were slapping paint on each other. It was a fitting finish to the afternoon.

The feedback from both has been really positive as well. Have a look at my review page to read what they said.

Thanks to both organisers, Laura to Becky for helping to create the perfect atmosphere to perfect events.


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