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Hen Party #1: Destination

Tunbridge Wells

I had a mad day of travel for two hen parties yesterday. It travelled to Tunbridge Wells for the first one – close to a four hour journey and 300 miles on the clock. From there, I drove to Taunton for the second event early evening. In all I drove 580 miles and spend 8 hours in the car! Leaving the house at 8:30am and back home at 10:30pm.

Was it worth it? (I’ll answer that at the end)

Apart from the fact that I get to go to places in the country I would probably never go to otherwise, the welcome I had at both events was wonderful.excellent first drawing

Caroline, the hen Jenny,  and the rest of the group in a beautiful farmhouse near Tunbridge Wells could not have been more welcoming or friendly. I was late arriving because of heavy traffic on the M25, but they were very laid back and fine with it.

I was rather amazed at their drawing skills from the beginning – even wrong hand gesture drawings were better than many groups’ drawings with their correct hands.

I did walk away with a work related injury for the first time ever though! We played the find the stickers game and suffice to say, I think a nail scratched a very delicate area of my anatomy! There was blood! I found it funny but felt sorry for the lady who had accidentally caused it, as she was very apologetic.

The group was a complete joy! I didn’t want to leave them – especially as they were all going to jump into the hot tub shortly after I left 😉

One day I will be invited into the hot tub with a group. (That’s the dream at least)

Hen Party #2 : Destination Taunton

It was lucky that I had given myself some leeway with my schedule for the journey to Taunton. I was late but not too badly late, I could battle against the ETA  provided by my satnav and regain time lost (of course not going over the speed limit). What it did mean though was that I didn’t even have time to stop at a garage to get food. I had a bowl of Cheerios before leaving the house in the morning, and had been running on empty for a long time by the time I arrived in Taunton at 6pm. That’s the closest I will ever get to the 7:2 diet!

The group in Taunton were equally welcoming. Organised by the lovely Rebekah, it was clear that they wanted to have fun. The stunning Bride to Be, Kirstie, was nervous before the reveal – understandably because she was blindfolded – but she really quickly took to the session and looked to be enjoying herself tremendously. The group also had a natural flair for drawing as well, and they also struck the balance perfectly between letting go and also concentrating when needed.

I was with the group for about three hours in all. It was lovely when I think I overheard the Bride’s mother in law saying that it was the best hen party activity she’d ever been part of.  I was told that the mother in law was a big part of the organsing team and so that meant a lot to me. As I left, I had a warm hug from her.. I was touched by her reaction and what she then said to me.

To return to the question at the beginning. Was all that travel worth it?

The easy answer is a resounding, massive YES. Fabulous day.




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