A Male Stripper or Life Model for a Hen Party?

A Male Stripper or Life Model for a Hen Party?

It depends what the hen and the group are like.

Maids of Honour often tell me of the Bride to Be’s specific request to not get a male stripper at the hen party. The continuing popularity of male strippers demonstrates that there is appeal to this entertainment. The Dreamboys and Chippendales have carved a niche for themselves for ladies on both sides of the Atlantic, but it’s not for everyone.

I’ve never been a male stripper and never had any inclination towards doing it (or even going to see a show). I therefore don’t have anything relating to first hand experience of their work. In order to gain some understanding of what they do, I have however read a fair bit about it. Out of curiosity, I did also watch the film Magic Mike!

male strippers
Channing Tatum as stripper

There was quite an interesting article in The Independent published in the lead up to the Magic Mike theatrical release. They interviewed one of the main actors Channing Tatum (whom some of you may be familiar with!). Reading the article made me realise how removed my service is from that type of entertainment. Apparently, he was a male stripper before he became famous said that it was about ‘money, girls and a good time’.

Male strippers promote sex

Even though male strippers are essentially there to promote sex, the Hens I’ve spoken to say that they are there to to have a laugh. There’s no outward notion of being there to be turned on when they see the shoes. You may disagree!

From what I can see, male strippers have a set performance and it’s all focused on that. They have specific dance routines, that they need to be athletic but also good dancers.

All the elements I’ve read and written has highlighted how different my life drawing service is to what these guys offer. I have a structure to my sessions, but I don’t have a ‘performance’. I’m comfortable being naked, but the idea of stripping to a dance routine would be the last thing I’d like to do! As you can see from this short clip of me dancing the floss witha couple of hens, I’m by no means, a dancer!

WARNING: there’s a penis doing the ‘floss’ in this clip as well.

There can be a bit of cheekiness in my sessions. The body painting and hen party games can add a frission of naughtiness at times, but it’s on the ladies terms throughout.

Feeling comfortable and learning some drawing skills

Unlike the notion previously said about male strippers, I’m really not there to promote sex. Yes, I am naked, and if there’s any admiration thrown my way, I’m have to say that I’m always flattered. However, from the feedback and reviews, the groups mainly appreciate because I make sure that they feel comfortable and that I teach them some drawing skills. There are of course exceptions. When groups are quite drunk, engaging fully to learn a new skill can be a challenge. The important this is that they all seem to enjoy themselves. The outcome at the end is essentially the same as the male strippers, which is to have fun.

A Male Stripper or me as Life Model? It’s your call!

Get in touch if a life model is the perfect alternative to a stripper at your hen party.

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