Memorable Hen Party Life Drawing Stroud

Memorable Hen Party Life Drawing Stroud

A warm welcome from a group of beautiful hens

I met a stunning group of ladies for a memorable hen party in Stroud on the weekend. I have to say that it was one of the most fun events I’ve had in a very long time. From the feedback I received from various members of the group at the end, they also really had a great time.

Prior to every hen party or birthday that book me, I ask the organisers/maids of honour about the group and their expectations. It’s hugely important to me to pitch my activity correctly to work with every individual group.

Having run my life drawing & body painting for something in the region of 170 groups, I am very aware of how different groups can be. It’s then my job to be pitch perfect with my delivery.

Groups are mostly made up of quite varied types of people. Some of them have known each other since childhood and others have just met a few hours earlier. Mothers and mothers-in-law and even grandmothers are often in the groups. All these factors mean that my default setting is to be on the safer side. No Bridal party wants to make the mother-in-law feel uncomfortable before the wedding! That’s something best suited for the months and years after tying the knot.


I must say though – there are often occasions where older ladies including mothers and mothers-in-law are wilder and less inhibited than the rest of the group!

Almost all groups seem to have a fascination with my willy. Some try to hide it but others are a lot more vocal and, shall we say, tactile. That brings me neatly to the lovely group in Stroud yesterday.

Organiser, Hayley, had told me that the group were up for a laugh.  Previous groups have often said the same, but turn out to be rather quiet and conservative on the day. That’s absolutely fine and that is why I gauge the general vibe when I meet them all face-to-face to ensure I get it right.  Despite a certain degree of uncertainty early drawings from great groupfrom her side, Hayley had surmised the group perfectly.

Apart from the beautiful Bride to Be Kelly, everyone else knew exactly what they were going to be doing. That really helps to get the right mood in place at the start. Even though Kelly was rather hung over, she got into the swing of things very quickly and easily.

One the other organisers had a life drawing activity at her own hen party. It was interesting to hear of her previous experience. She said that the life model took the session too seriously – but worse than that, was also rather smelly!

It was not good to hear that someone offering a similar service to mine had got these basic things so badly wrong. However, I couldn’t help turn it round to what I offer. Even though I have a strong belief in ensuring that groups learn some drawing skills, it’s essentially about having a lot of fun. Afterall, it is a hen party. Secondly, I’m pretty sure that I don’t smell!

The drawing went well, and everyone put a lot of effort into improving their skills  – but my willy quickly became the defining focus of the activity reinforced with the photo opportunities. At their suggestion, I added another activity to my repertoire of drawing exercises. We ended up with 9 individual drawings of nothing but my willy.

Hen party game

The game involving three blindfolded members of the group, and me, followed the drawing. The three were super competitive and thoroughly entertained the rest of the group with their sticker finding efforts.enjoying the company

My inclination is not to have my ‘flag flying at full mast’ at the sessions. Some close contact as well as feeling comfortable in their company, did mean that I relaxed my guard. It became a natural and hopefully welcomed occurance.

We finished with the colourful body painting and everyone added their nice designs to fully cover my skin. It was at this point that the bell rang for the group’s next activity.

The buff waiter had arrived to do his thing. A part of me wanted to see what the waiter was going to be doing, but once I had showered to remove the paint, it was time for me to depart.

Thanks to Hayley, Kelly and the rest for being so friendly and gorgeous, and helping to ensure it was a truly Memorable hen party in Stroud for all of us.

Setting the perfect tone for each group

The group member which had encountered the smelly life model said that she would recommend me for her sister’s hen party. She said the group would be rather different as there would be an 80-year-old lady in attendance. Different age ranges and dynamics are elements that I’ve come to see as part and parcel of catering for different groups. I make sure that it’s all appropriate for the various participants. I love the variety involved and look forward to entertaining this one again in the future.

If you have previously attended one of my hen party life drawing activities and would like to hire me, I will offer a good discount. Please get in touch.




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