New year for hen party life drawing

New year for hen party life drawing

Interest in life drawing from hen parties has been coming in thick and fast since the turn of the new year.

It’s great to see that there’s continued interest in life drawing as a cheeky, arty and alternative hen party activity.

January is usually the start of the hard work for many Maids of Honour who have the responsibility for organising hen parties…and that’s when I start getting busy with enquiries.

I’ve already had some bookings for February, March, April, May and June so far, but yesterday was the actual first hen party of the years for me to be involved with.

January Hen Party Life Drawing Rush

With the usual hiatus in hen parties in December and early January, it was nice to return to meet a wonderful group of ladies from south west Wales in Bristol yesterday. They had been let down by a hen party activity provider and from what I was told, also lot money because of it. It really makes me angry to hear of unscrupulous  companies out there – but I was happy to be able to step as the replacement.

They were a glorious group of ladies! Despite the fact that they’d been drinking since 10am they were still in the perfect mindset for my life drawing and body painting.

I’ve learned from experience that teachers can really enjoy themselves, and yesterday’s group of mainly teachers, was not a exception. I felt so lucky to be in a position to entertain them for a few hours as  they truly charming and fun. Better still was the fact that they really got into it and seemed to have a tremendous amount of fun – in particular the Bride to be. The sticker party game that I’ve developed really worked well, and she got quite competitive and easily won the game!relaxed life drawing pose

Feedback from them was incredible at the end. I was also pleased hear that one of the group said that she’d like to take up life drawing classes when she returned home.

A great start to the year

A wonderful start to my hen party life drawing new year!

As my weekends are beginning to fill up with parties, get in touch now if you are interested in hiring me.

If you hire me, I make sure I will pitch and structure it in a way that fit completely with what will work for you and the group.

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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