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Hen life drawingWelcome to my site

If you’ve not been on my site before, let me first say welcome and thanks for stopping by (subtle reference to the film Anchorman there).

If you have visited before, you will see it has a new look and structure – all the work from Georgie will hopefully lead to greater traffic as I’ve always suffered from being at the third page of Google’s rankings.
So, silly season in hen parties is well under way and I’m extremely busy.
I’ve been back to Sherwood Forest, the scene of my ‘lost in the forest’ story from last year! Luckily this time it was a smooth process and an absolutely gorgeous bunch of ladies to boot.

I had an event last week wasn’t the best if I’m honest. The Bride to Be give up on the drawing early on and went on to text on her phone for the reminder of the event. Life drawing is not for everyone, but her friends had gone to the effort of organising an activity for her.
Yesterday on the other hand, near a small village close to Exeter, was my favourite event of all time.
The welcome I received and the appreciation was like no other. They had even printed my name ‘Gujon’ on the hen’s sash!
Their drawings were excellent and everyone seemed to enjoy all of it. The questions were flying thick and fast, and I always enjoy responding to them.
Really nice antidote to the previous event..
I drove away buzzing!

Get in touch if have any questions or are you’re interested in booking me.

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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