Perfect Hen Party in South Kensington

Perfect Hen Party in South Kensington

The perfect hen party took place in South Kensignton took place a few weeks ago.

The booking came less than a week before the date of the hen party. I already had a booking in my diary for the same day.

Life drawing in Chelmsford and London

Distance wise both were possible. The existing booking in my diary was in Chelmsford, and the new booking was in South Kensington. The London group were happy for me to get to them after I’d finished in Essex, so it was going to work out.

The journey took close to two hours in the end. The traffic was  heavy for a Saturday evening but I got there albeit a little later than planned.  The group were also late eating their dinner, so it was fine.Life drawing Kensington

For once, I had no issues at all with city parking. There was plenty of parking in the plushest street that I’ve ever parked on. I was parked next to a beautiful Aston Martin.. which was next to a Bentley!

The houses were massive 5 or 6 storey properties with a park in the centre. This slightly blurred photo I took gives you a little sense of the street and houses.

I had chatted extensively to the organiser, Sarah, on email during the week. From those discussions, I could tell the small group of 6 ladies were going to be nice.

They were however, more than just nice – they were, in fact warm, friendly, welcoming and beautiful ladies. It was a joy and honour to be in their company. Considering they’d never met me before, they were also very comfortable and relaxed in my naked presence!

The Bride to Be was a big fan of the Titanic film. Sarah asked me to take the same pose on the sofa as Kate Winslet’s character took to be sketched by Leonardo DiCaprio. Cue, the entrance of the Bride to Be!

Titanic Life Drawing Pose

Despite the surprised look in the photo, she loved it and was really impressed with the subtle Titanic reference point.  (If I knew that would be requested beforehand, I would have suggested putting on Celine Dion in the background!)

Life Model Pose to Bride to Be

I put on my collars and cuffs to pours some drinks before the group quickly settled down to some semi-serious life drawing. By this point it was late in the evening but there was no sign of tiredness and their natural concentration resulted in some fine drawings.talented artists

An additional member of the group was due to arrive close to midnight after finishing work in a West End Show. The general expectation was that we’d be finished by then, but in reality, everyone was still enjoying the drawing and it carried on effortlessly when she arrived.

The sessions end with some colourful body painting. The paint designs or doodles that mean something between them and the Bride to Be. The results are usually really effective. As I knew it would be a late finish, I brought out the neon paints and after they painted me, we turned off the lights. The results were spectacular!

Neon body paints

As you can see, the girls also painted their own faces as well as these magificant angel’s wings on my shoulders and back. I really didn’t want to shower off the the paint at the end.

I only realised how late it was when I packed up and getting ready to go. It was one in the morning, and I had a two and a half hour journey in the car. Before leaving, Sarah made me a lovely sweet cup of tea to keep me functioning on the motorway.

All my hen parties are fun in different ways, but this one – along with my trip to Paris for the Americans – really stand out and will do for a long time.

Reviews from the Bride to Be (below; first) and the Hen Party organiser (below; second) have just arrived via What’sApp. I’ve taken a screenshot of what they said.

Reviews from Kensington Hen Party

If my Life Drawing and Body Painting activity appeals to you, get in touch for a quote.

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