Permission to paint my penis
Group enjoying the colourful body painting

Permission to paint my penis

Grabbing title!

Ok another grabbing title for this hen party blog entry! “Can I have permission to paint your penis?” It was what the bride to be asked me yesterday. She was so nice and polite.. I told her she didn’t need to ask me as it was part and parcel of the activity, but it was very nice that she was felt the need to ask if she had premission to paint my penis in gold to look like a penchant.

It was an amazing Tudor house just to the south of Hereford. It was also a wonderful big room for the life drawing and body painting. There was a few solicitors probing questions about me, hen party life drawing and what I do beyond this work. I love that interaction and the interest they show and to engage with these friendly ladies and their fascination.

willy painted red

The original question may sound shocking to some readers, but when you’ve been finger painted by 40 groups of ladies, you get used to it. My penis painted in various colours is now something I’m used to. However, the politeness before doing it was cute and nice – especially coming from a solicitor!

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