Requests to work with me

Requests to work with me

I’ve had lots of emails from guys who want to work and model with me over the years. I also even been contacted by a man who wanted to just wanted to be at my hen party life drawing class.

He came across as a very nice man, but to be clear, I would never let another man accompany me to a hen party.

Only me – Gujon – as model and tutor

Secondly, I’ve never employed any other man to work as part of my Arty Hen Party business.  That probably means that I’m never going to make my fortune from the business, but that’s ok.  When you read the reviews of Arty Hen Party, they are referring to me, Gujon and no one else.

I’ve spent a number of years refining and changing the life drawing class that I offer. I know that the mix of activities that I provide work well. I also think that the class is more that just the activity, it’s about who’s running it. Hens have told me that some male life models they’ve booked had not engaged with the group in any way during the session.

More than just posing

Some male life models they think that just posing and looking nice is enough to entertain. Whilst that is in keeping with a traditional life drawing class, hen parties deserve more.. I believe that personality and having a connection with the group is essential. As I’m both model and tutor, I’ve got plenty to say. I always emphasise that they can ask me any questions that come to mind. They will range from innocent questions to the more personal. I’m happy to answer any questions or discuss anything! Take a look at my questions and answers page to find what I’m asked.

I don’t want anyone representing me to think that just modelling is enough. I can’t really be that bothered to train anyone up to do the same as me either.

Inviting a man, they don’t know to be naked in their venue requires some trust and confidence in who you’re getting. I feel honoured that hen party organisers have trusted me enough to entertain them for the past eight years.

dynamic life drawing

Now I’ll go back to the beginning of this article. Referring back to the gentleman who had wanted to attend a hen party with me, I sent him a polite response to explain why that wouldn’t happen.

I recently chatted to a lady who runs a Bed and Breakfast. She told me that a group of hens staying with her had booked a young man as a life model. She said that he was a University student on a gap year and travelling the world.

A young man’s bum!

She said to me that it was the first time she’d seen a young man’s bum for many years! (She was in her fifties). I don’t think she would have been too bothered about any tutoring if she was part of the hen party!

In terms of being able to model whilst travelling the world – I have to say that I was envious of him. However, I don’t think that I would have had the experience or confidence to run a class and be a nude model for a group of rowdy ladies when I was 20 years of age.

As my meeting with the lady was about a different business, I didn’t say anything to the lady about having been running my life drawing classes for the past eight years.

If you’re interested in booking an Arty Hen Party, please get in touch.

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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