Reviews, recommendations and a challenge

Reviews, recommendations and a challenge

The reviews I’ve been receiving consistently for my hen party life drawing are something that I am very, very proud about. I’ve experimented with different ways of showing these reviews – from just copying and pasting from feedback, asking groups to write comments on a big sheet of paper at the end and taking a photo of them holding it,

video testimonials, and most recently, a trust review website (Trustspot: Please click on this link to view them)

Nice hen party reviews from Brighton
Nice reviews from Brighton

I think the variation in how I showcase the feedback is important, and I’ll continue to do that, but what has affirmed me that I’m on the right lines recently is that I’ve had two bookings this month which have come purely from word of mouth. The fact that organisers have had recommendations from their friends to book with me is amazing.

I’ve worked with a number of Hen Party organising sites over the past few years but most have now disappeared, so I apart from happy hen party organisers I don’t have many advocates. Some sites want me to pay to get featured on them, but I’m not willing to do that. I pay to advertise on Google and that’s really the most effective way to do it with money.

A challenge for journalists and bloggers

So, I have a challenge for female journalists and bloggers. I’d be willing to offer a completely free hen party life drawing & body painting for you and your female friends (any time I have available before Christmas) if you would be willing to write a feature about me and the event and get it published online in an appropriate site (i.e. related to hen party ideas & organisers, female lifystyle etc)

If there’s anyone out there that fancy two hours of creative fun and willing to write about it, please get in touch now.


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