“The girls are still talking and laughing….”
Hen Party organising themselves

“The girls are still talking and laughing….”

Nice feedback early in the year

I’ve had two Hen Party life drawing sessions this year, and I’ve received two fantastic reviews from them. Please visit my Reviews page to read them and all the others I’ve had over the past couple of years. I’m pleased with the groups are saying, and it reassures me that I’m on the right lines with my events. I don’t take them for granted though as I believe they can be better.

I do analyse every moment of the events and am a little over critical of little aspects of them. That is good to keep me on my toes. The last few days have been good in terms of enquiries and a fair few bookings have resulted from them. Last year slower than this, but by May and June, I was fully booked for virtually every weekend. That bodes well for later this year! Please get in touch now if you are interested in my services in the next few months!

Are you looking to book a life drawing session? Click here at Hen Party Life Drawing and book your session today!

Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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