The parties of 2022 so far

After a terrible couple of years with the epedemic changing everything about our lives, we are now seeing things coming back to  normality for most people in 2022. It has been wonderful to return to help Brides to Be and Birthday girls with their celebrations.

Very Special 80th Birthday

80 year old enjoying the view
Happy 80th birthday

I’ve entertained groups celebrating every key birthday from 20 to 70, but recently I helped a lovely lady celebrate her 80th birthday! She didn’t look anything close to 80 and certainly didn’t behave like an 80 year old. I hope that I’ll be that youthful when (and if) I reach that amazing milestone.

This year I’ve travelled far and wide to north Devon, Cardiff,  Bath and the Cotswolds, Milton Keynes and Pinner, north west London. They’ve been wonderful mixed groups of ladies that have been warm and welcoming.

Dominatrix Classes

Birthday girl dominating the slave

As well as the life drawing, body painting – my usual activities – I’ve also done a dominatrix session.  It’s not something I’ve thought about offering really until recently, but when I request came in, I didn’t say no. I had bought a leather harness last year with penis ring. I wore that for the group which they seemed to like and brought along a ‘cat o nine tails’, floggers and feathers to teach them some whipping techniques. At the start I go through a little about the history of BDSM and dominatrix over they years. It was a lot of fun being a slave for the group who let their imaginations go once they were completely relaxed with me. It’s all very lighthrearted, but i did have quite a tender and red bum at the end! I have to say that I do enjoy the wilder sessions these days – people properly letting their hair down, and it’s great to be at the centre of it. It’s not for everyone, but if you feel that this would go down well for a Bride to Be or birthday girl, please get in touch.

June was exceptionally quiet but on the good side it allowed me to go away for a few days to the Netherlands – first time I’ve been abroad since 2019. I’ve currently got a few bookings for July, but I’m sure I could squeeze another group or two in if required. Off abroad again in August so not around for most of the month, but September is relatively clear at the moment.

If you have a hen party or birthday party coming up,  and you’re interested in booking me for any of the above activities, please let get in touch.


Arty Hen Party

Friendly, professional and experienced hen party life drawing model and tutor.

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