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A 20 minute drawing I made during a life drawing class

University Art Foundation

University Life Drawing

For the past four fridays I have been life modelling for a University Art Foundation Course.

The sessions are six hours – three in the morning and three hours in the afternoon, with breaks in the middle.

The staff there as well as the talented students were lovely. The first session was ok, just loads of short poses amazing drawing all day.

The second was really easy, lying down all day – but I always know that if I get one easy session there is bound to be a more difficult one to follow – a sense of balance.

The session last Friday definitely was the counterbalance. Unless you’re a life model, beefeater or soldier there is not much purpose or need for you to stand still for a long time.  You may think it’s not that difficult but I challenge you to try it for five minutes. Your body after a while starts feeling really heavy and feels like all your weight starts to press down on your hips and it can get quite uncomfortable.

However, I’m glad to say I managed it and seeing some of the drawings at the end like this one, made it all worth it.

From now on, I’m going to expect all you Hens to end the sessions with a drawing as good as this. Only joking!

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