Wild Hen Party Stories

Wild Hen Party Stories

There are many stories and confessions from wild hen parties on the web. Most include alcohol and male strippers. Few of these raucous tales you read feature real life models. That’s not to say that they don’t happen with life drawing (I’ll recall some of my own experiences later). On the whole, groups that book life models for a hen party tend to want a civilised experience.
There are hen party stories and videos in circulation that are pure fantasy and manufactured to excite men. Some however appear to be real. Here are a few examples I found, as well as a couple of my own.

Baby, one more time

One lady from the US recalled a tale of how depressed she felt at a hen party when the male stripper was dressed as a baby. He apparently had a fantastic body and smooth skin, but wore pyjamas and a bonnet on his head. Worse still, he had a baby bottle – from which he pretended to pee. I suppose that it would have been a double relief when he proceded to strip off that strange costume!

Tame hen party?

One particular Bride to Be had said to the Bridesmaids that she wanted her hen party to be tame. She was unhappy when the doorbell rang and a stripper walked in.

He then went on to perform a routine involving baby oil and a banana. In most circumstances, she would have been mortified, but thought that this guy was incredibly good-looking.

Once he finished his routine and put his clothes back on, the Bride to Be started chatting with him. Away from the rest of the hens, they both had a cigarette and continued talking. It ended with a lot of naughty stuff taking place between the two.. just before her sister came out looking for her. The Bride to Be was apparently standing frozen on the spot, in tears and with her skirt around her waist.

Not quite runaway bridewedding day fail

A Bride to Be was so hungover after her hen night that she was five hours late for the actual wedding ceremony the next day. She couldn’t remember what had happened on the previous night. What she did come to realise was that she had left her husband to be at the altar. Her family had sent out search groups looking everywhere for her. By the time they found her at her mother’s house, it was 6pm in the evening, and it was too late.

                   Hen Party Life Drawing

I’v not heard of many wild hen party stories from life models. There used to be an Australian man providing hen party life drawing around London. He had written some stories of naughtier experiences with hen parties at his sessions. In one strange story he said that some girls wanted to see him pee and came with him to the bathroom! The photos on his website seemed to reinforce some of his stories (not the peeing one!).

Having run my activities for close to 180 groups, I’ve become a little desensitised to most hen related things. Many groups keep the whole activity respectable, but some really go for it. When a group is friendly and funny, I tend to go with the flow.

Hungover Bride in Brighton

My events are predominantly held on Saturday afternoons. This is really the best time but can also have a down side. Hen and Stag parties are rarely for a single night these days and most are for the entire weekend. Hangovers from the previous night is something I deal with often.
On my arrival for a hen party in Brighton, I was informed that the Bride to Be was extremely hungover. I didn’t realise how hungover she was until we had started. The depth of the hangover became obvious when she started posing with me. All of a sudden the Bride hurled herself from my side towards the sink of the open kitchen and living room area. She didn’t reach it in time! Projectile vomit jetted out towards the sink. Most did reach the target, but some of it pebble dashed her friend’s shoulder and arm! She continued to be sick while the Maid of Honour covered her dignity.
I must admit that it wasn’t a nice scene (or smell). The poor girl understandably didn’t recover or overcome her embarrassment for the rest of the session. The rest of the group thoroughly enjoyed the drawing though.

30th birthday life drawing funtopless duo pose

At a 30th birthday a few years ago, a friend of the birthday girl volunteered to pose with me. The poses I do with members of groups are usually tame. On that occasion however, this girl decided to take her top and bra off. She then went on her knees and her generously proportioned boobs enveloped my penis. It wasn’t an unpleasant situation to be in, and despite the positioning I needed to remain professional. She started rocking a little back and forth but the rest of the group were just drawing us without another thought.

Novice life model

A group of hens in Devon told me this story only yesterday.

They were laughing as I walked in to introduce myself. It wasn’t really becuase of me! One of them had just recalled an experience with a life model a year or two earlier. They had booked this particular model through an agency, and found out that it was his first hen party. During the very first pose, he started playing with himself whist the group were drawing. Within minutes, he had reached a climax all over himself and the carpet! Apart reaching for the Kleenex and carpet cleaner, where do you go with an activity if that’s just happened?

This tale demonstrates to me how important it is to book the right life drawing company or individual! On the plus side, at least they had a funny story to tell.

I do have a lot more stories to tell but there’s a time and place for everything. If you book me for a hen party or birthday party, please ask as many questions as you want!

Tame or wild, I’ll make sure my activity is perfect for your group.

Please get in touch to ask your questions abut hen party life drawing.




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