Wonderful group of ladies
Body made from montage

Wonderful group of ladies

Beautiful Market Harborough

Travelling to Market Harborough in the east Midlands on a beautiful sunny autumnal day is not really a chore.

The purpose of the journey was to run my life drawing and bodypainting service for a hen party. The day was made really special because the group was comprised of twelve really friendly and welcoming ladies.

If you read my blogs, you may have read that I suffered a knock to my head at the beginning of July. The injury could potentially put paid to all my future life drawing work. Luckily for me, I recovered completely and have continued with all my work and I still have bookings until late November.

I now feel particularly grateful and appreciative of the work I do. It’s a privilege to entertain some truly nice people for a few hours – like yesterday’s hen party near Market Harborough.

Drawing, bodypainting and party games

It was all a balance between teaching them how to draw, together with some fun with the painting and party games. party gameThey all knew about what they were about to do, which helped, but understandably a few were a bit nervous. I’m pleased to say that the nerves subsided quite quickly.

It was really interesting to understand that a few of the group, including the Bride to Be, were scientists! From my experience, scientific people tend to be more methodical, analytical and perhaps less creative (ok probably a sweeping generalisation!) but the ladies yesterday drew some really impressive drawings. They were very talented ladies, as well as a very nice group to be able to spend a late afternoon in their company.

I keep on using the word ‘lucky’ in my blogs, but I do feel it – on a number of different levels…

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