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Answers to all the Hen Party Questions that I’ve been asked by individuals or groups regarding my life drawing sessions. I’ve set out honest answer to all the questions asked to me over the years. If you have a question that isn’t there please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer any query you may have.

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Hen party classes are less serious and the activities are generally shorter and more varied – and a lot more cheeky!  I want you to improve your drawing skills, but ultimately geared towards you having a lot of fun.

The life drawing class lasts around two hours. Generally they last longer if I feel the group are really getting into it and having a good time.

You need  no previous experience! Most of the ladies say that they ‘cannot draw’. The aim of the activity is to show them that once you make drawing fun – it is surprising how enjoyable drawing can be, and how good they are at doing it.quick drawings

Prior to the event, I will chat with the organiser to offer a number of exercises that I know work well. If it’s a surprise for the bride, I will also suggest ways of carrying out the surprise. I will also gauge from the organiser how to pitch the session – the more outgoing the party, the more cheeky the session (but this is ultimately always steered by the people involved). There is a wide variety of activities which ensures that it remains fun and interesting until the end. The last half of the session is usually some poses with the Hen and a few other members of the group and body painting to finish.

Most happen to be Hen parties, but I’ve been getting quite a few all ladies birthday parties recently. The birthday parties are often more relaxed than the hen parties, but I enjoy both types.

Drawing Outside

I supply all the drawing and painting material. All you need to bring is alcohol,  a healthy sprinkling of cheekiness and lots of energy!

You can take as many photos as you like, but I ask that you take them using my camera. I will process all the photos and send you a link so you can download them all. The group or individual can have photos with me at the end.

The way the sessions work allows me be to be both model and tutor. Being both model and tutor also offers you value for money as well as a more relaxed atmosphere to the event.

I offer a mix of fun, creativity, as well as a bit of naughtiness in a tasteful activity. I have developed my skills of drawing, modelling and presentational work over a number of years. I am very laid back, but I also work really hard to ensure that I exceed expectations.

On the visual side, I’m not and wouldn’t want to be a male stripper with the orange tan and huge muscles. If that is important to you, I suggest you get in touch with another company. However, I do look after my body so there is something worthwhile to draw. More importantly, I offer humour and a good dash of knowledge of drawing skills and tips, as well as the experience and skills to manage both small and large groups of rowdy hens.

Nice reviews from Sherwood Forest

Common questions asked during the life drawing hen party session

You may think that questions would be about creative techniques and how to improve the drawings, but alas, they are not about art at all!

I’m more than happy to try any creative poses that you like me to do – if they are physically possible..  If you’re thinking yoga poses or naughtier one, please ask!

I’ve done this too long to have any shyness or feel embarrassment. I am willing to try any pose that the group suggest and happy to go with all the fun. I’m very comfortable being naked. During the sessions I have a dual (or trio) pose with one (usually the hen) of a number of ladies from the group. The groups often choose very interesting and intimate duo poses and depending on the groups and the individual can involve a fair bit of contact!.. (which leads neatly to the next question.)

I find it very flattering when ladies are at ease and comfortable enough in my company to feel that they can touch me. So, if it floats anyone’s boat, individuals can feel free to hold, squeeze, cup or prod – anything you can imagine has happened over the years – so nothing surprises me! Feel free to do what you want..and you DO NOT have to ask for permission! In the body painting you need to be completely hands on and not shy.

hen party game
Feeling the lay of the land

Yes, it sometimes happens – especially if there are naughty ladies around.

Some groups see it as a challenge to get a reaction from me. If I’m relaxed and happy with the group, there’s more of a chance it may happen. The more touchy feely they get (see above question) there is also an increased likelihood of an ‘occurance’. Some girls really love to see it when it happens, and I get the feeling there are a few that are a bit disappointed when it doesn’t!flag-at-full-mast

There’s been the few occasions when this has happened. I’ve modelled with fellow female models for life drawing classes many times in the past so it’s not a big deal for me. I admire the ones who do, as it’s not the easiest thing to do for the first time – especially in front of friends. It can be very liberating if you’ve done it – and certainly something they can tick off on the Bucket List if they decide to join me.

My main driver is to get whole groups to have a fun, creative and memorable life drawing experience. I’m open to any naughtiness from the groups.

I’ve had laser permanent hair removal, so Ithere’s no hair left down below. Waxing always sounded too painful so I never went through that process!

Will the activity be suitable for our group? You may have many questions for me, so please get in touch and don’t be afraid to ask.

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    1. Hi! Are you available on Saturday the 20th August and could you travel to Bournemouth? Your make an enquire page wasn’t working for me so if you don’t reply on here could you email me on xxxxxxxx@googlemail.com thank you, Natassa 🙂

      1. Hi Natassa
        I’ve emailed you to say I am available on 20th August.
        Not sure what’s happening with the enquiry form but I’ll hopefully sort it out today.

    2. do you need male models

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