Permanently erect nipples
cool body painting of model's chest

Permanently erect nipples

Permanently erect nipples

Did it grab your attention? Yes, I do have permanently erect nipples for some reason. It’s not that I’m always excited or cold or anything.

Now, I want to talk about the hen party life drawing session I did yesterday in London as well as a few other things.

I’m usually a bit weary of taking jobs on in London, as the heavy traffic means a much longer day of travel for me. If an event is in east London I have to travel right across. I travelled through the city and it was easy going – even with the SatNav taking me through the very centre. So, in future, very happy to take London hen party life drawing jobs on (but try and keep them early in the afternoon if you can).

I was entertaining a group of mostly Irish ladies yesterday, but to be honest, they were¬† entertaining me just as much! They were so funny!! The organiser and the bride (sisters) were such lovely friendly ladies. It really didn’t feel like work at all.


They’d all had a few glasses of champagne by the time I was there and the party was in full swing.

spanking the model
A little bit of slap and ticke

There was a hilarious lady there who was conflicted about me being naked – thought she shouldn’t be looking and for me to put clothes on, but the next minute she was whipping my bum. It’s the first time I’ve been properly spanked at a hen do! (I have to say that I loved it)

Interacting with the group

It was really interesting the feedback I had at the end from the organiser. What she said, made me think.

She said that the girls loved the fact that I was interacting, joking and answering their questions during the event. Some had been to hen party life drawing sessions previously and said that the model didn’t say anything throughout the session. This would have been mainly due to having a separate tutor – making it more serious.

Its important for me to get that connection with the group and I’m glad that this is appreciated by them.

I do some browsing sometimes to see what my competitors are doing. From what I see, most providers’ life drawing services seem a bit impersonal. So – if you read my blog and the different pages on my website, you’ll get a full picture of really what I’m like. With me you get personality, naughtiness if you want it, something unique (body painting as part of the activity), an entertaining afternoon for all involved. You will also get (my) permanently erect nipples!

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