Male Life Model. A Perfect Activity for Hen Parties

Hello! My name is Gujon – a nickname from University (not a chicken goujon!).

I’ve been a life model for nine years and have been on the other side of the canvas drawing for longer.

I’ve been running hen party life drawing classes (tutor and model) for 8 years. Every weekend I’m entertaining groups up and down the M4 and further afield.

I love the sessions and have met some friendly ladies along the way. My main consideration when preparing is to be on the same wavelength as the group. My goal is for them to walk away having a had a laugh, a memorable experierience – and to be able to draw.

Communicating with the organiser in advance of the session is key. This allows me to ensure that the tone is perfect for the group. I offer a friendly professional and easy going session regardless of the audience.

I bring experience of drawing, modelling an easygoing attitude to make everyone feel at ease from the outset.

Many hen party companies offer life drawing as part of their package, but many don’t actually provide models that can actually hold a class and teach the group some drawing skills. I pride myself in being able to offer guidance and tips for them to start learning to draw. Individuals leave my classes thinking they’ve learnt something new in a fun environment.

Getting the groups to have fun, involved and hands on is my goal – and from my experience all the many groups really enjoy the sessions. There are lots of review to be found here and here.



Only a few hen party agencies commit to giving a lot of information about the model that are likely to provided for your hen party.  Below are the specifics about what you’ll be getting if you book with Arty Hen Party. When you book, I’ll happily email you a copy of my face so that you know more about who you’re getting.

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Chest: 42 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Body type: Lean and defined

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark brown

Looks: Some photographic modelling experience. Once described  as a ‘pretty boy’ by a Police Officer in Los Angeles! (I’ll tell you the story if you book me!). I’ll email you a photograph of my face if you book me.

Personality: I started this work because I primarily love to draw. I’m not a teacher, but I enjoy keeping groups both in line and entertained. I am professional, respectful, up for a laugh, no boundaries, happy to take on any requests…and probably a bit naughtier than I look.

Male Life Model Video


Areas I cover include Bristol, Bath, Hereford, Gloucester, Cardiff, Oxford, Swindon, Exeter, Plymouth and London (and everywhere in between).

I have also taken bookings in Brighton, Kent and up towards the Midlands, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire but it will be at a higher per person rate due to the longer travel time. I do love to travel so distances are not a huge hurdle for me.

Body Painting

I’m actually the first person to introduce body painting as part of a life drawing hen party activity in the UK. I saw it on an Australian website many years ago and thought it would be a fun additon and complimentary to the hen party life drawing. I’ve done it since and it has proved to be very popular with groups. The groups really enjoy painting me with their fingers (doodles or full body designs!) and they find it a nice departure from the more serious drawing. Many also like the the fact that they can get up close and personal as well. In the past years I’ve seen quite a few life models introducing it in their sessions, (cliché warning ahead!) but I am the original and best!


Tell me what you want..what you really, really want!

You tell me – to the best of your ability – what type of group you are and what you expect from the event. I will ensure that I pitch it exactly how you would hope it to be – and more.

My Arty Hen Party classes are lively, creative, and  as risqué as the group would like it to be. Above all, they are a lot of fun in a relaxed and comfortable space.

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  1. No doubt a lot of fun to be had by all however women here in the USA are too uptight for such events, which is sad.

  2. Whenever I read the posts about ” hen parties”, they never mention erections. I am an A English guy living in America. I occasionally model for art groups etc. But am intrigued by the hen parties.
    As the event is an obvious sexual thrill i assume( perhaps Wrongly) that erections are expected. But no one mentions them. You show your body being painted, I can’t imagine( and I a gay) that having someone handling my cock and painting it is going to be impossible without getting an erection.
    But you don’t address this. Aren’t these ladies expecting you to display an erevtion? I mean do they expect you to perform( mssturbate) etc? What happens if a tipsy lady wants to handle your cock. Or even give you a blow job? Do you accept this as part of the job?

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