Arty Hen Party Life Drawing

Hen Party Life Drawing

The class starts off with an arranged surprise for the group and Bride to Be. The group is then taught how to draw in a fun hen party way!

life drawing group

Body painting is a popular additional activity to the life drawing. It’s not compulsory but costs no more if you want it included.

Cheeky games can add variety to the class

Bride to Be entertaining hen party group

Classes with a cheeky dominatrix theme have become popular. Does the Bride to Be have a dominance fetish? Want to test out your dominatrix skills or learn some techniques? I can bring along a few tools for you to try out on me.


Life drawing is the art form that represents the human shape in all its postures. It is also known as “figure drawing”.

Hen Party life drawing full body sketches

A ‘Last Night of Freedom’ is the traditional term for the last chance to get wild (the Hen or Stag Do) before a wedding.

A Hen Party is held for women about to get married. It’s follows the male tradition of celebration before ‘tying the knot’. The party is often organised by the maid of honour and is ‘usually’ a women only event.

Adopting a specific theme is very popular tradition for making a hen party distinctive and unique.

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